2011/05/20 Update
15 hours

This was a co-DMed session, with myself taking the first half and August taking the second. In the first half, the group raided the brothel to save the Aasimar Cestina from the wizard that was trading her in the black market. The newly added ranger Samuel had a field day, with his racial hatred for elves capitalizing on the situation, allowing him to slay the elven warrior bodyguard, and then disable the terrible wizard. The brothel was cleared out after a couple of close calls, and Cestina was rescued accordingly. After obtaining the cursed bracer, she departed in search of her sister.

Afterward, the group, DMed by August, took to a ship to petition the financial council in the capital, Alduin, for more funds for the adventurer’s guild. Theo, Revmor, Wode and Vendredi all boarded the ship and headed north. The ship was powered by a powerful druid, which was of great interest to Wode, where he learned of a regional druid circle, and was given advise crucial to his development. Additionally, Vendredi bore witness to a fierce storm, where he found religion and took to the deity Verilux, the lightning thief.

Halfway to the capital, the adventurers stopped in a town of only 100, a small farming village called Nersay. This village was afflicted by an infestation of wolves. Vendredi, casting off his traps and ranged weapons, declared he would save the village, and the others were quickly drawn into his pace. Gathering up 13 of the village’s finest, the adventurers built a massive fire at the edge of the woods. An immense wolf appeared at the forest’s edge, and howled mennacingly. Two dire wolves and two quick wolves appeared, and a terrible battle broke out. Near the end of this fighting, Wode attacked the large wolf in the forest, provoking it to attack. Realizing quickly that he was outmatched, Wode ran back to the ramshackle tavern, and ran inside. The wolf bashed through the wall and became pinned to the bar. Wode then had his final hurrah, detonating one more poison vial inside the bar – and turning the entire alcohol collection into a bomb. The bomb exploded, killing Wode, the barkeep, and the remaining villagers inside. The giant wolf was terribly wounded, whereupon Theo cast one last magic missile, finishing the beast. It was a somber night as they left the village, the loss of Wode stinging terribly.

Now only three, the adventurers arrived in Alduin, and found the barkeep Verdo. Revmor engaged in a game of words with Verdo, and found his way to an invitation to the Secret Innkeepers Guild. In the meantime, Vendredi and Theo ran about town, trying to dig up dirt on the VonGray family, the members of the merchant guild who ran the financial council.


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