The gods of the world in which Alduin resides:


Snowdas, god of Luck, Ice and Strength.
Legis, god of Law, Knowledge and Fire.
Aanderal, god of Animals, Good and Sun.
Creanas, god of Order, Competition and Loyalty.


Verilux, god of Air, Trickery and Lightning.
Fengamash, god of Healing, Plant and Earth.
Henrensen, god of Protection, Mind and Community.
Whelm, god of Flight and Glory.


Yuggon, god of War.
Braentel, god of Death, Water and Travel.
Tarenal, god of Destruction, Healing, Chaos.
Bijaya, god of Beauty, Seduction and Love.

Additional domains may be found and requested at Cleric Domains. Addition of these domains will be managed accordingly once a request has been processed in kind.


Alduin Valyim